Hearing Loss Treatment

Hearing aids can dramatically improve the lifestyle of anyone with hearing loss. However, only about one in five people who would benefit from hearing aids actually uses them.

Why don’t people use hearing aids when advised? Patients often believe they will become dependent on the hearing aids, and that wearing them will worsen their hearing. Hearing aids are actually designed so they can’t make your hearing worse. The improvement in your hearing and comfort of today’s hearing aids usually make it an easy decision to continue wearing them.

Another reason people give for not wearing hearing aids is that they plan to wait until they really need them. If your doctor recommends hearing aids, you already need them. If you wait too long to start wearing hearing aids, your hearing could get to the point where hearing aids won’t help anymore. It’s not just your ears that hear; it’s also your brain. If your brain no longer has the opportunity to process certain sounds, it may forget altogether how to interpret these sounds.

People may also envision hearing aids as bulky and cumbersome. Devices of the past have been replaced by small, powerful devices, with models to fit any budget and lifestyle. There are many different styles of hearing aids from traditional behind-the-ear models to in-the-ear versions, and small styles not visible to others. If your doctor says you need hearing aids, don’t delay - make an appointment with an audiologist today. You won’t regret your decision!
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