Selecting Hearing Aids

With many options and styles available, Affiliated Hearing Care Center works closely with each patient to find hearing aids that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Styles

We offer hearing aids from several different major hearing aid manufacturers including: Oticon, Starkey, Siemens, Widex and Unitron.
  • All styles – Behind-the-Ear and In-the Ear and the very smallest invisible styles.
  • All technology/price levels from basic up to very advanced technology.
  • Those with regular disposable batteries as well as rechargeable batteries when appropriate.
Affiliated Hearing also offers assistive listening devices — some work directly with hearing aids through wireless Bluetooth technology and some work on their own. Each of these devices can help people hear better on the phone, while watching television and in noisy situations with and without hearing aids depending on the patient’s needs.
Oticon Hearing Aids Starkey Hearing Aids Siemens Hearing Aids Widex Hearing Aids
Unitron Hearing Aids
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