5/1/2018 - May is Better Hearing Month!
Did you know that you can permanently lose your hearing from exposure to loud noise?
Approximately 40 million Americans may have hearing loss resulting from loud noise exposure.  As May is Better Hearing Month, Summit Healthcare of Arizona and Affiliated Hearing Care Center along with audiologists across the nation are encouraging Americans to better understand noise-induced hearing loss and to learn how to protect their hearing.
Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by damage to the inner ear. This type of loss is permanent.  The loss can be sudden or gradual, and can even show up later in life as a result of early loud noise exposure.  Most people get noise-induced hearing loss from time in the military or from other occupational exposure such as construction.  However, it can also be caused by any loud noise over 85 decibels, such as the noise at concerts and sporting events, lawnmowers and other power tools, fireworks, and gun shots.  Prolonged exposure to loud noise is most definitely a problem, but even a brief exposure to a very loud sound can cause instant and irreparable hearing loss.
What are some signs that sounds are at a dangerous level?
• You have to shout over background noise to be heard.
• The noise is painful to your ears.
• The noise makes your ears ring.
• You have decreased or “muffled” hearing for several hours after exposure.
So, what can you do to protect your hearing in loud noise environments?
• Wear hearing protection when around sounds louder than 85dB for any period of time!  Hearing protection can be one size fits all, including the foam and silicone ear plugs. Custom hearing protection is more expensive, but tends to be more comfortable and better for music fidelity.   We now offer custom hearing protection at Affiliated Hearing Care Center. 
• Turn down the volume on your television, radio and any personal music player.
• Don’t sit in front at concerts. Give your ears a break by sitting in the middle away from large speakers.
• Know the warning signs associated with dangerous listening levels, including ringing in the ears, muffled hearing and/or difficulties understanding speech.
• If possible, walk away from the noise.
• Wear hearing protection, wear hearing protection, wear hearing protection!
If you suspect you may have hearing loss, noise-induced or otherwise, call and schedule an appointment with our audiologist! You can also learn more about our services.

3/12/2018 - Hearing News with Deborah Blaylock, AuD
Relationships Require Communication…
  …Hearing Loss Can Seriously Impact Both!
Nearly 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss—and you may be one of them, especially if you’ve noticed a negative change in your relationships.
Common signs of hearing loss include misunderstanding words, turning up the television volume, and embarrassment in social situations from not being able to keep up with conversations.  The inability to hear can cause isolation, withdrawal, frustration and can lead to the breakdown of communication within close relationships. Many spouses feel neglected and ignored. And those people who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to have depression and anxiety, as reported in National Council on Aging study.

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