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FACT: Almost half of people age 65 and better have hearing loss. Unfortunately, people take an average of seven years to seek treatment. Better hearing is an investment in yourself and the people in your life. Schedule a hearing consultation today by calling 602-938-6960.
Affiliated Hearing Care Center, Phoenix, AZ

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Affiliated Hearing Care Center offers complete hearing assessment and evaluation, personalized fitting of hearing aids, assistive listening devices and much more. Discover more about us  
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The 411 on Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing technology is small, non-invasive and highly effective. The bulky, cumbersome devices from years past are gone, and have been replaced by small, powerful devices that allow users more options and possibilities than ever before. There are models for every budget and lifestyle, making hearing instruments more affordable than ever before.
How to Select Hearing Aids  

New Patients Are Welcome

Affiliated Hearing Care Center is currently accepting new patients at both locations. Schedule your appointment today:
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